The Richway BioMat Far Infrared Treatments

Benefits of Each BioMat Setting

BioMat Mini and BioMat Professional products can be temperature-calibrated to address specific health issues: 

NO HEAT: This setting allows you to benefit from negative ion therapy and amethyst conduction without having to use far infrared rays at the same time. The setting is ideal for: mood enhancement, mental alertness and mental stimulation, and general detoxification. 

95-104 ̊F HEAT: This “green” setting enables negative ion therapy plus gentle, broad-spectrum cooling. The setting is ideal for short-term to overnight use as an aid to combat insomnia, encourage deep relaxation and consistent sleep patterns and deliver long-term regenerative health. Benefits also include: cellular renewal, improved energy flow and migraine reduction or elimination. Ideal setting for people with pacemakers or heart conditions or who are sensitive to detoxification.     

                                                                                                                                                     113-122 ̊F HEAT: This “yellow” setting provides negative ion therapy plus subtle, warming far infrared ray penetration for a range of healing benefits. This setting is ideal for encouraging regular relaxation and increased flexibility and healing muscle, joint or spinal injuries. The yellow setting also soothes asthma and allergy symptoms, encourages respiratory health and may help stabilize blood pressure, blood sugar and glandular functions. 

131-140 ̊F HEAT: This “gold” setting provides negative ion therapy plus deep-penetrating warmth to alleviate pain, encourage relaxation and address chronic conditions associated with stress, tension and anxiety. This setting also encourages better circulation, improved hormonal balance and increased sexual vitality. NOTE: Begin using the BioMat gold setting for 15-minute intervals, gradually working up to one or two-hour sessions.


149-158 ̊F HEAT: This “red” setting offers maximum sauna-like far infrared ray therapeutics designed to purify and detoxify. The high-heat settings are ideal for relieving pain, stress, low immunity conditions such as flu, cold and overall low energy, and even maladies such as jet lag and hangover. Used regularly, the red setting reduces body toxicity and improves conditions caused by viral, cystic, acidic and endemic malfunction. The red setting can also increase metabolism and flush fat and cellular waste from the system. 

Scientific Facts About Far-Infrared Rays

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